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December 1, 2016
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Lippi Box Shawl


Made of the world’s finest wool having the lowest micron count, and is of the most exquisite brocaded woolen fabric in pure wool. These shawls were originally very few and could only be woven by master artisans to weave the delicate hair which measured between 7 and 10 microns. These factors made Box shawls very precious. The Box Shawl has its antecedents in the Kashmir shawl, produced in Kashmir since the 11th century. Wearing a shawl is always a compliment.  The shawl has its antecedents in the Kashmir shawl, produced in Kashmir since the 11th century. It is a brocaded woolen fabric in pure wool Shawls are used in order to keep warm, to complement a costume, and for symbolic reasons. Embroidery is bold and vivid in designing and done with woolen threads. Shawls is the best fashion accessory, are worn for added warmth (and fashion) at outdoor or indoor evening affairs. Shawls are so versatile! And they’re the only article of Regency clothing that women can still wear every day. When Pashmina wool is used for the embroidery work, it is made to blend so intimately with the texture of the basic shawl material that it would be difficult to insert even a fine needle between the embroidery stitches and the basic fabric. An excellent juxtaposition of fashion, history and literature as well as the versatility of such an accessory which can complement an outfit or enhance.

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